"The goal of inner work is to help clients
unblock their bottlenecks and
learn how to live in partnership
with the unconscious rather than at its mercy

Robert Johnson


We empower people to live their optimal lives.

From the individual to the executive, we provide tools to support your growth and development.

We work with entrepreneurs and leaders to create culture within their teams, providing tools, training, coaching, and resources to learn ownership, self-leadership, communication, and awareness. We leverage and integrate already existing technologies to create a holistic solution to education, apprenticeships, and entrepreneurship that creates sustainable results more effectively than current methods.

unblock is built upon a foundation of personal leadership and supported by our community overseen and nurtured by seasoned experts that feel a personal responsibility to help others.

"It's time to quit condemning
the teacher that suffering is,
instead it's time to embrace it
and learn the lessons."

- Gary de Rodriguez


visionaries, students, teachers, and seekers


We draw on over 40 years of entrepreneurship to help our clients grow themselves and their businesses by weaving together strategic culture, planning, self-help, marketing, media, and
legal for innovation in this new era.










Our Promise

We help you avoid common mistakes, understand your strengths and desires, and identify how you can deploy your ‘edge’ stronger than ever.


Our programs stem from us drawing from decades of combined life and business experience learned from years of research, hard learned lessons, plenty of failures, and even close to suicidal moments to provide you all the tools you need to successfully plan your breakthrough year.

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” 
    - Henry David Thoreau              



The wheel is known by many different names, we call it Your Core Wealth Wheel because it contains the resources that are the foundation to a wealthy and optimal life. 

Your Core Wealth Wheel tracks the 20 most critical resources in your life and helps you identify where you either experience fulfillment or lack of it.  

Our goal is to help you develop your optimal whole life through assessing and tracking these resources. 

Track your numbers and you will:

- develop insights

- manage your life better

- identify areas to improve

- build on your strengths

- hit your goals faster

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“Gary's deep knowledge of the human psyche and his passion to help, make him one of the best coaches out there. I highly recommend hiring and working with Gary whether that's to help your organization get to that next level or help make a radical shift in your personal life.”

Scott Bradley - Business Development | High Growth Startups